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Greetings, I am Erick, a Web Developer and Web Designer with a wealth of experience. My proficiency spans a spectrum of technical skills, encompassing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, React, JSON, as well as strategic competencies in website development, marketing, and expertise in platforms such as WordPress and Shopify.

In addition to my core competencies, I possess professional expertise in videography, agency-level digital marketing, and team management. My proficiency extends to advanced utilization of the Adobe Suite, coupled with a comprehensive command of email marketing tools.

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These websites represent marketing websites constructed on the WordPress platform utilizing Elementor. Each site incorporates bespoke coding to seamlessly integrate analytics and facilitate effective market funneling. Moreover, these sites harness the functionality of low plugin use, custom post types and advanced custom fields. These websites demonstrate a commitment to optimal mobile usability and swift loading times, these instances epitomize a refined and strategic approach to web design and development.

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Robot Friends

In the course of this project, I developed a React.js application to underscore the robust capabilities inherent in React. The proficiency to create and organize components, enabling React to dynamically construct and render web pages, epitomizes the potency of this framework. Noteworthy features of this undertaking include the creation of a search box component, facilitating rapid sorting of robot cards based on user input. Additionally, I successfully implemented the retrieval of card information from a RESTful API using JSON.

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Adobe Experience Manager

In the execution of this project, I developed a meticulously crafted landing page employing the Adobe Experience Manager CMS system. This strategic choice empowered us to adeptly capture user data and seamlessly channel it into our global marketing automation platform. Leveraging this integration, we could precisely target individuals who interacted with the page, delivering tailored advertisements on designated dates or for specific products. The synergy between AEM and our suite of marketing automation tools resulted in a notable sales increase exceeding 10%.



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